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Read GetProjectData in python ( solved)

Question asked by vpoblet on May 8, 2020

Hi !

5 minutes after from the text below, I made a question that I already have the answer, but I preferred to keep it if it can helps:


Works in this way! parentheses were missing!!





Hi !

I'm working in a migration from VB6 to python, and I have some troubles.


I don't know how to get the data from GetProjectData object.


From my old VB6 object's explorer I have:

 Function GetProjectData() As ProjectData
 Member of ViewDraw.Application


In my VB6 I have this code line and works perfectly:

prjFullPath = dxdApp.GetProjectData.GetProjectPath + "\" + dxdApp.GetProjectData.GetProjectName + ".prj"


With python it has been impossible to reproduce. It seems I can get the GetProjectData object:

<bound method GetProjectData of <COMObject ViewDraw.Application>>


According VB6 object's navigator:

Function GetProjectPath() As String
Member of ViewDraw.ProjectData


But I cannot get:

 {AttributeError}'function' object has no attribute 'GetProjectPat


I've also been trying to get other data from ProjectData, but always I have the same problem.


It will be very appreciate if I can get some advice