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Variants Question

Question asked by e_cornell_ldpxt on May 21, 2020

Hello, I have a question about using Variants Manager in PADS Designer VX2.4 Integrated Flow. 


Our company has setup Central Library but maybe not in a complete way.. Central Library has all unique schematic symbols and PCB decals, but not unique manufacturer part info. The unique manufacturer part info resides in an Access database, with PART_NUMBER being the keyword field with the unique mfg part number. Each mfg part number then has the Part Number field that links it up to Central Library and the corresponding schematic symbol and PCB decal. 


This seems to be a problem when trying to create assembly variants from the Variant Manager in DXDesigner. 

Here's my steps:

  • Select component that should be different value on variant 1 (R24 in this example)
  • Ctrl-R to bring up my search window
  • Select the 10k 1% resistor (see variant_snip1.png)
  • Hit Create Variant/Function Schematic to view the resulting variant schematic
  • The displayed R24 value is 90.9k, not 10k as expected (see variant_snip2.png)


It seems suspicious that the last item that matches RES_0402 Part Number is the 90.9k part (see variant_snip1.png).


Does anyone have any ideas on how to set this up without migrating to using Part Number as the unique manufacturer component field?