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Decoupling Capacitor Model Type

Question asked by xenxo on Jun 10, 2020
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I have recently started to use HyperLynx so I apologize in advance if the following questions are basic.

There are 3 types of Models for the capacitors:

1) Simple C-LR

   The capacitance value, is it the normal capacitance or should we add the DC-Bias characteristics of the capacitor (MLCC) at the voltage? For instance, a 1uF capacitor may be 600nF at 5V.

   The ESR, this value depends on the frequency, so what value to we put on the calculation? Minimum or Maximum?



   The help file (file:///C:/MentorGraphics/9.4.2HL/docs/htmldocs/mgchelp.htm#context=hlsipi_useref&topic=7) does not really explain what you have to do. Is there any other document in which this method is better explained?


3) Touchstone

   Same as SPICE, there is no much information about this.


I consider that the model type will influence the simulation a lot so I want to be careful and choose the right thing, hence the need to ask.

I appreciate any feedback you can give me.