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LPDDR3 EBD Model Assignment Issue

Question asked by n_jadhav_jhnn7 on Jun 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by n_jadhav_jhnn7

I am first time user of EBD files in Hyperlynx. The LPDDR3 model I'm using was provided from a supplier in a zip. I have imported layout (.brd file) into hyperlynx. LPDDR3 and processor are on same board. I have assigned IBIS model to processor and EBD model to LPDDR3. In the Simulate SI/ run DDRx batch wizard, I asigned slot = 1 and rank =1 on rank assignment page. When i select the LPDDR3 part and press arrow, i get an error "Choose appropriate "EBD-part" from the "board" selector, then select the desired part from that list." Please refer this snapshot for error message.

If I go to the IBIS model editor and open the .EBD file, I can check syntax for both Hyperlynx and Committee parser and both ways shows model OK. When I ask the IBIS editor to View Data, I get an error message to view the output window, but there is nothing there. The model does state it is set-up as dual die part with a DIE1 and DIE2 reference designator internal to the .EBD model text file. It shows a file name .IBS at the bottom of the file for reference designator map and that file name is in the same directory as the .EBD file.


Is there a setting I have not turned on for using .EBD files? Have I placed the EBD in the wrong directory? What other items could be causing me to not utilize this .EBD correctly?


PS: Just to highlight, i want to simulate LPDDR3 part.