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Re-Use block in DxDesigner 2.7 problem / question

Question asked by marcin.kuchta on Jul 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by robert_davies

Hello dear reader(s),


I have a question about re-use block usage and how to transform a schematic into a re-usable block. I am working on a specific design, that later will be used as a part of "bigger design". I have there 4 different blocks and in total around 20 schematic sheets. I would like to obtain 1 block in a way that after clicking "push" it would open the other 4 blocks, and each block after double click would open the schematic sheet. Then I would like to copy this "Block" into another design.


I am using DxDesigner v.2.7.


My question is simple, what is the most efficient way to do what is described above ? Is a special license for "re-use blocks" needed to be able to accomplish this? So far I worked out a way to do this, it is: click File>Open>Block, then open this block, copy schematic, create a new block in my design, paste the schematic. This way is slow and not efficient, as I have to copy paste each schematic page.


I will be very thankful for any advice,


Kind Regards,