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connector pins reshuffle after packaging

Question asked by flavio_2020 on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by flavio_2020

Hi there,


When placing connectors made of 'loose' individual pins, I have noted that after I run the packager for the first time the pin order gets reshuffled (randomly?). This is quite annoying, especially in those designs that employ hundreds of pins..
Luckily this seems only to happen after the packager is run for the first time, but given that I don't know why this happens I must check the pin order of every connector after every time I package.

Note that this seems to only happen to the various instances of the block, and not to the block itself (I guess because only the instances are affected by the packaging/ref des).

Maybe I am placing the loose pins wrong or is it a special feature that forces you to double check your design?


This is what I do for the block creation: instead of placing one pin at the time which takes ages on a 200 pin connector (especially when working remotely), I place a subset of pins (i.e. 1 to 5) and then copy/paste. When every pin is placed I use 'Edit Property' to assign the correct pin order. This works ok on the block.
However after the first package the block instances get all messed up.

Is this intentional? Am I doing something wrong?


I am using xDX Expedition V.X 2.4.