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Renumbering Reference Designators in DX Designer

Question asked by advntrinxs on Jul 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by charles.ietswaard1

Hello, I have an 11 page schematic with numerous duplicated circuits. I'm simply trying to start with page one and relabel each component type to start with a REF DES of 1 and continue in a logical manner from there.


Help please. I have been at this all morning to no avail.


The help menu is useless. Or Wrong. Or I'm unable to find the help I need.


This program is so frustratingly difficult to navigate. Every time I figure something out - it seems to screw something else up. So not having a good morning. Anyhow, any help is appreciated, as always.






*I came across this - and for the life of me, I can find no "reuse" Blocks Tab in DataBook*


RefDes Renumber

Project: Integrated

The RefDes Renumber property adds a system-generated, prefix-type assignment (for example, 2_, 3_, 4_, and so forth) for each instantiated reuse block to start renumbering.

You set this value in the Databook window > Reuse Blocks Tab, Renumber as Needed option. The software automatically renumbers reference designators of all parts in each instantiated reuse block using the unique prefix-type value assigned to each reuse block symbol. This ensures that all placed parts have a unique RefDes identifier before packaging.


Do not use this property if you place reusable blocks in a schematic that uses complex ENets.

The property now applies to regular blocks, but you must apply it manually.

Packaging Options

  • Refresh — Default. Refreshes packaging for all instances in the block. Packaging recalculates the RefDes Prefix or Suffix properties on all block instances.


    RefDes Renumber = Refresh overrides Frozen Package = BlockFix on the Block, and Frozen Package = Fix on any symbol in the block.