Performance and "Enhancements"

Discussion created by deborah.frommer1 on Jul 29, 2020

Hi all,


today I am frustrated again, because after updating the EDM library from VX2.3 to VX2.6 we get now a window to login to EDM each time when we open a design: opening a schematic: Login to EDM needed, opening the layout: Login to EDM needed, opening DxDatabook: EDM Login needed,...


And each time we test and install a new release:  at the beginning everything looks nice and "hey, what's a new cool feature". But when you then really start working with it, it is more like: why is this not working? where is this function? Why should I need to login to EDM?? Why is the performance worse, then before? Why???


And when you then open a ticket, you get often the answer: that's not a bug, it is a feature. Please check the TechNote 1234. If you want to change it, please open an idea,....

But from my point of view: the tool gets more and more complicated and unusable. And the performance gets worse and worse. We are discussing about more efficient, more effective during Product development,...and the software? - Not.


How is your experience?

Are you really more efficient with new releases?


Thanks and best regards,