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Expedition EDM Mechanical Part and Component

Question asked by johmou on Aug 25, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2020 by eric_mace

First I'm new the Mentor tools. I'm building our project's Mentor library.


I trying to figure out how to build mechanical objects, these object need to have schematic symbols, cells etc... all the the way up to components which will be included in the BOM. Thermal control objects, heat sinks, heat piping, mounting hardware which takes up board space and needs to be included on a schematic. However they don't have any electrical connections. And there in lies my problem. I have a symbol, and cell. But part creation requires at least one electrical pin. These mechanical objects must have a EDM component with a part number parametric data. They are components in every respect expect of an electrical connection.


How do I create a purely mechanical part and component?


Thank you ahead of time.