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Help!  How to do LVS checking in PADS?

Question asked by michael.frank on Jun 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2009 by michael.frank

I have a PADS layout and a corresponding schematic done in PADS Logic, and I was wondering if there is any way to do automated layout-versus-schematic checking in the PADS software?  I haven't found anything about it in the documentation yet.  It seems like an important feature to have, so I am thinking there must be some way to do it and I just haven't stumbled across it yet...


If you see this before Monday (June 15, 2009), Please CALL me at (850) 597-2046 with an answer, since I am trying to get my design done today to beat a deadline...  I don't THINK there are any errors in my design, but an LVS check would make me feel better.


Thanks very much,

Mike Frank

Florida A&M University

Dept. of Physics