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    How to change `automatic' text? (e.g. `WIRExxxx')


      How to change `automatic' text? (e.g. `WIRExxxx')


      I want the wires to have just a number. Is that possible?


      I searched in the Style Sets and Vesys Symbol, no result.

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          Currently there is no way to do this from within the tool, however there is a workaround which involves editing the XML.


          I will find out the exact details and get back to you.





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            Currently, there are two ways of doing this...


            1. Use a template for new projects, this template (an XML file, an example file has been attached to the bottom of this thread) would contain the required definition.
              (click on image to enlarge)
              • To use this template for a new project, select "File --> Import --> Import Project"
            2. Export your existing Design as a "CHS 3D XML" the user can then edit the wire definitions externally, perhaps in Excel, this can be re-imported to update your design


            We are planning to allow users to modify the "Default Naming" within VeSys 2.0 directly, the above methods are a temporary solution.