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    Component Images


      Once an image of a component is created and saved into the VeSys Symbol Library, how can I get the graphic to appear in the harness drawing when added?



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          There are two ways to handle it in VeSys 2.0:

          • If you have created the symbol "name" same as "part number" of the connector, and you have assigned the symbol library containing the image symbol in you style sets, symbols are automatically picked while you are placing the components,
            • For Example: With the starter data, if you place the connector C-70718 from VeSys components library on  VeSys harness design, connector symbol gets automatically placed.
          • You can associate your symbol to the component in VeSys component library and when you instantiate the component on the VeSys harness diagram, the symbol will appear on harness diagram.




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            I guess my question should have been:  How do I link the component graphic created within VeSys so that I can place it onto the harness drawing?   I am using Version 2008.2



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              Hi Shelly,


              You've actually posted this question in the VeSys 2.0 forum hence the probably confusing answer from Ashish, the other folders are suitable locations for VeSys 2008.2 questions.


              In VeSys 2008.2 you simply place/save the graphic in your blocks folder.  By default a standalone installation there is a "C:\Program Files\VeSys Electrical Series\Blocks" folder.  VeSys will automatically pick the connector graphic as long as it is also referenced in the Component Database.


              If you are working in a network environment it is usually best to have this folder on the network so everyone can access the same blocks/graphics, to change this you go to Drawing -> AutoCAD Options -> Files (tab) -> Support File Search Path and add the folder to this list (best to be at the top).  The installation guide for VeSys has all of this detailed including pictures, this should be in "C:\Program Files\VeSys Electrical Series".

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                Thank you. This worked perfectly.

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                  A point that may be of interest to you is that the graphics can be stored under ANY part number as long as the part number is referenced by the component in the database.  For example a component could have 3 part numbers 123, 456 or 789 the block/graphic can be stored under any of these part number i.e. 123.dwg, 456.dwg or 789.dwg