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      • 15. Re: Automation of Report writer IPC Netlist.

        It is only a 32bit application. We install only the Report writer in 32bit, This has to be a different directory then what the 64 bit install is referenced too. Example is a folder(MentorGraphics) for 32 bit application (report writer) and a folder (MentorGraphic64) for the 64bit install. Then you can still use the old way for report writer.

        • 16. Re: Automation of Report writer IPC Netlist.

          Hello Kendall,

          I try the IPC 356.vbs on VX2.1 64bit ,Update 6 install and get an error - I can find the extracted file in the output folder but it doesn't end as normal ipc files as if the write to file was interrupted .


          Error:0x80040293 on Line 185 Char:12

          "Pin doesn't have single layer, The pads collection should be analyzed."


          I also looked at last AATK release - it has same coding as this vbs ( + few commentation lines at the beginning)


          Is there alternative way to extract IPC 356 in VX2.1 64 bit ( Report writer with the IPC utility is only available in the 32 bit  )


          Thank you for your support




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