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The layout navigator panel tricks.

Question asked by yijun_tong on Sep 3, 2009

Do you know that you can easily navigate to any part of the current viewing cell throught the "world view" Navigator panel?



It's located in your lower left corner of DESIGNrev in 2008.2 and later versions.


The white outline is the extent of the current viewing cell.  And the red outline is the current viewed area.  You can do the following in the navigator window:


  • Drag and draw a zoom window with your RMB (Right Mouse Button) to zoom to an area.
  • Drag and draw the read outlined area with LMB to move your view window around.
  • Click anywhere to move your view window to the point.


So here's a question for you:  Currently we show empty view within the cell extent and viewing area in the navigator.  If we want to put something into the area, what's the most interested contents for you?  I can name a few candidates in my mind to start

  • Block outline?
  • RVE highlights locations
  • Layer density map
  • ...


Please name your candidates.