How to turn off auxiliary RDB types being displayed as checks in results tree?

Discussion created by srinivas_velivala on Sep 10, 2009
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Auxiliary RDB's are ancillary databases to the global nmDRC results database and are typically generated during the DRC run using the Net Area Ratio and Density operations,the DFM family of operations and also by using the Layout Input Exception Severity command. These RDB's typically have properties associated with them.Properties available for mapping in the RDB can be displayed in Histograms and Color Maps using the RVE.


Some of these RDB's like the Antenna violations and the Density results are typically something the user would like to see once he has finished debugging the normal DRC results.Hence he might not want to see these results show up as rule checks in the results tree pane in RVE. Currently RVE displays by default only the RDB's generated by Layout Input Exception Severity command as a rule check in the result tree pane. The user can configure to display RDB's of his choice as checks by going to Setup->Options->DRC Browser->Side RDBs and turning on the RDBs he wants to see.Please see the attached figures Fig 1 and Fig 2.


Please note that the RDBs can always be accessed by the yellow folder icon as shown in Fig2 irrespective of the RDB being listed as a rule check in the RVE tree window.