How to create a Macro in DESIGNrev

Discussion created by yijun_tong on Sep 17, 2009

If you developed a utility and want it to be used directly from the menu, or you just want to impress your customer, boss or co-worker, you should create a Macro in DESIGNrev.


Suppose you created a one-line script:


          puts "hello world"


If you want to make it a Macro from DESIGNrev Macros menu, you can simply add three lines


          proc test {wbHandle window} {

               puts "hello world"



         Macros create "menu name" test test


And then type


         Macros menu


Now you can see a menu item called "menu name" in DESIGNrev "Macros" menu.  When you click it, you will get "hello world" printed in your Tcl shell terminal.


For detail explaination, please log in to supportNet and read DESIGNrev manuals