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    How to add leading zeros to splice code


      Is there a way that I can set my VeSys Design Configuration so that the splices will will pad with leading zero similar to the components.



      Currently my splice codes are assigned as: SP-1, SP-2, SP-3...

      I would like the splice codes automatically be generated with leading zeros such as: SP-001, SP-002, SP-003...


      I am using VeSys Classic 2008.1.1 and AutoCAD 2008


      Thank you in advance for any help!



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          In the Configuration Editor you can define a prefix for the splice code, so as you can see here I have used SP-00 although this will only work for your first 9 splices as it will become SP-0010.  You are probably best to define the prefix as SP-0 so you'll only need to manually add the zero's in on the first 9 splices.