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    VeSys Components Version 2008.2 SP0908 Locking Up/Not Responding


      I am attempting to add a new component to the database after installing the VeSys Electrical Series 2008.2 SP0908 patch. Upon clicking the add button, the add new part dialog briefly appears and then dissapears off of the screen. The components program stays open but is completely locked up. I have to go into the windows task manager and end the task to get it to close. It turns out this is the sequemce of events that is causing the library to stay locked also.


      I installed the patch to enable exporting of the library for version 2.0 to start my evaluation of 2.0. I still have a 2008.2 design I am trying to complete and need to add components.


      Any thoughts on this error and potential solutions?


      Assuming the patch is causing the problem. Is there a way to remove the patch and go back to the previous version of Components?