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    Multiple borders / print regions


      My harness designs are sometimes to big to fit in one border.


      Now I use multiple printregions and with the `print to file' option I create PDF's with multiple sheets.




      Is there a way to add multiple borders to one harness design? Because the harnes title block is now only present in the last sheet.


      And is an automatic sheet count (1 of 3; 2 of 3; 3 of 3) possible?

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          For this you will need to place, manually, a comment symbol showing the "title block".


          Alternatively, you can have one "super large" border for harness which is 3x wide and already contains the repeated title block.


          Unfortunately, sheet count will not be automatic on a harness design.




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            Hi Nuri,


            The second option is the best. I have copied the border outline and title block and added all the placeholder property's again.

            I even added two print regions, so that I don't have to do that in the harness design anymore. See image:




            I also tried the first option by making a comment title block. Unfortunately the placeholders do not take over the property's. See Image: