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Keeping DC/Expedition Libraries Synchronized  Between Multiple Sites

Question asked by jeff.heidel on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by jeff.heidel

Currently, we have one site where all of the library work, and most of the schematic work is down and one site where there is some schematic work down.  To help the people at the remote site, I use RoboCopy to mirror the library to a local server multiple times a day.  This has worked great so far, but we may be adding another site to the mix and this new site will be doing some library management along with the main site.  I would like to have the manin site be the master library, but it is really to slow to edit library information over the WAN for the remote sites.  Has anyone played with Windows Server DFS Replication ( to keep multiple servers in Sync and to allow editing of the libraries locally?


What are other people doing to solve this isse?