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    Someone using an SQL database?


      Hi all,


      I´m using an SQL database connected to DxDatabook.


      After done a query in DxDbook I have three resistors from three diffrent suppliers.
      I place a generic component with common attributes that correponds to all three, cause I want to choose the supplier later.


      After selected supplier I want to update the schematic with the right partnumber for the resistor, but when

      loading the selected component, I end up with no matches in DxDatabook.


      Do someone got a solution?



      Best Regards



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          You need to provide more details.


          Are you using different part numbers for different suppliers?, what is you database structure?


          But I don't understand why if you "annotate" component with ALL properties from DxDatabook (load component => Apply proper filters => get component you like => Annotate all properties) you have no matches later. Are you using annotation process properly?


          Here what we do (DxDatabook linked to PLM system) is:


          • If the component with different suppliers is identical (e.g. standard resistor) we define only one part number and the different suppliers are "alternates" so we add a filter (based on a PLM/SQL field) and DxDatabook is only aware of the preferred supplier => Back-end BoM generation is populating preferred and alternates based on same part number.


          • If the component is different (even with slihgty changes) we create independent part numbers


          And not a single issue

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            Hi Micke,


            I would check two things:

            - Make sure you annotated the DXDB_LIBNAME property, so the load operation can determine which library to query

            - Edit the configuration, and see which properties are being loaded


            Also, you can look in the first row for any values that are highlighted in red, and you can right-click and choose Remove Condition to search without that value(s).



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              Here are some more info.


              Using EE2007.7

              Yes, we have diffrent partnumbers for all our components.

              The query is done by sorting for 0603 and 330R in the Resistor library.
              Then I got 3 matches. They have diffrent partnumbers but I am placing a symbol with "common properties"  in schematic.

              The DXDB_LIBNAME property matches the Library that it was placed from. In this case Resistor.
              Actually, when trying to "Load selected component" the Resistor library is choosen in my Library list but

              no component are listed and no properties are shown.

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                If Annotate Special Library Property is set in DxDatabook/Preferences configuration that should work OK (here is working OK 2007.5/6/7)


                Click on Image below to see configuration entry

                ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 12 14.58.gif


                To discard ODBC driver issues (we got some issues with old Oracle ODBC drivers) I suggest to you to make a small Excel or Access single table database with a few components and test behaviour.

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                  I have made a small  Access single table database and still got the same result,

                  so the database might not be the problem.



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                    That is very odd.


                    If you are able to attach the small Access database and your DxDatabook configuration file I'll take a look.

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                      Problems solved, symbol naming was wrong. Thanks for your help.