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    Assign Symbol to a Component



      We are new on Vesys 2.0 and we are figuring out how to use it due to the fact that this application change a lot from Vesys Classic environment. We are currently stuck in the process of assigning a symbol to a component using the Component Maintenance window on the Vesys 2.0 Components app. We create and load our Symbols library with dxf drawings, but at the time we want to assign a symbol to a connector the Symbol Library do not appear when the Mode option is at Electrical, but if we change Mode to 'Comment' our library appear but we can only select those symbols that were imported as comments on the Symbols library. Could you help us to understand what we are doing wrong? Why we can not select all the Symbols?, Do we have to import all our drawings as comments? Is there a User or Starter Guide for Vesys 2.0 we can refer to? How can I get it?

      Thanks in Advanced.