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Forward annotation of properties in the EE Flow

Question asked by Andreas.Schaefer on Dec 11, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2009 by yu.yanfeng

Hello Paolo,

it's been a while since we met the last time. Hope you are doing well.


I have a question about the roadmap where you want to go with properties in the EE Flow.

We have some issues and open SRs here and just yesturday we found a new one.

  • What are the plans to proceed with properties on nets to forward annotate to Expedition from DxDesigner?
    We would like to add some properties e.g. NO_TESTPOINT_NEEDED on nets in DxD and then set the number of testpoints by automation in Expedition.
    At the moment we would have to do the FA portion by scripting ourselfs, but it would make sense to have them done by the FA process per default.
  • We have a fractured symbol for a component. Both symbol instances do have the same RefDes.
    Both symbols can have the same properties, but wich process controls, wich value of the property is forward annotated?
    Is there a mechanism to chekc if both values of user defined properties are identical?
    As example we have a property "Component_Text" to set the value of a text that has to apper as copper in the layout nerby the placed part (check done by automation).
    For two fractured symbols of a twin SATA connector we can set the property with different values on each of both symbols.
    In FA only one is forward annotated, but why?


Are there any plans to enable net properties forward annotation?

Is there a general strategy implemented today for properties on fractured symbols?


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