DxD <-> HyperLynx SI interface (EE2007.5 and HL V8.0)

Discussion created by MaBUa on Dec 16, 2009
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Hello all,

can somebody tell me where is the problem?


I wanted to simulate some net in my DxD design. I used "LineSim Link" to export data to HyperLynx SI.

(I was dissapointed that data (track width, track lenght....) from CES are not imported into.. never mind this)


After pussh the buttom Export to HyperLynx a HyperLynx Tool is openet but without opening my line in HL... I have to open schematic in File - open schematic... I don't know why.


Next, I simulated my line and made some needed changes to have a "nice" waves

After that I expected that will be possible to import my changes back into DxD - CES. But whats happened.

I saved design in HL (.ffs file was changed.. that's OK)

I pusshed the button Import from HyperLynx in DxD - LineSim Link interface window and en error occured! Specified file is corrupted or incorrect.

So it means I have to insert changed values manualy into CES


I noticed that from DxD is .ffs file exported in format version 1.4 and the HyperLynx generate (save) .ffs file in format version 2.1


Couldn't it be an problem???


Many thanks