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    Circuit count and bundle size


      Hey Guys,


      I have two questions:


      1)  In the schematics (or "Wiring Design"), is there a way to quickly obtain a circuit count?  I would like to give our supplier an updated circuit count so that cost adjustments can be made against our original estimate. I know you can print a report which shows all of the wires, but counting them all by manually would be a huge headache!!


      2)  In a harness design, is there a way to know how many circuits are in a bundle at any location. For example, if I click on a section of the harness (say between connector A and splice 1), can I find out any or all of the following :

                                                                                                          a) how many circuits are in there

                                                                                                          b) which circuits pass through there

                                                                                                          c) or the size of that section of bundle


      I thought I was able to do this in the past, but not sure if it was in Mentor Graphics, "Capital Harness" or VeSys Classic??




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          1.)  If you can do a circuit report can you not paste this into excel?  If so you could use the Number of Rows to calculate how many wires are in a circuit without having to count them individually (deducting one for the column heading of course ).  If you select the wires in the browser window doesn't it tell you how many wires you have selected?


          2.)  Not sure whether you can do this in VeSys 2.0 but to reassure you that you haven't gone mad I can confirm that it was a feature of VeSys Harness Classic.  You could right click on a Bundle and do a 'Bundle Contents' which gave you the Total Wire Count, a list of the Wires in the bundle and the bundle diameter.

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            Hey Sledge_Hammer,


            1)  The Excel suggestion was a good idea.  I did this and it worked fine. Thanks.    I would still like to know if VeSys 2.0 has a quick option of showing this though?  I tried selecting them all in the browser window but wasn't sure where it would tell you how many wires are selected?  There is a small window at the bottom that shows a "Select Count:xx" but this number is deceiving. For some reason, if you select one wire, in my design, it has shown numbers as great as 7 for one wire??  Not sure what this even means.


            2)  Thanks for reassuring I haven't gone mad... haha    It was a GREAT feature in VeSys Classic.  It'd be very disappointing if they got rid of this option.



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              Hi Justin,


              To expand on your second question; you can calculate the number of circuits and the diameter of a bundle in VeSys 2.0 Harness. Using a full-scale harness design you would:


              1. Navigate to Actions > Processing > and click on "Calculate Node/Bundle Sizing"
              2. Right-click a particular bundle and select "Edit Bundle"


              You will see two fields, "Number of wires" and "Width" which is the bundle diameter.  Please see the image attached!




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                Hi Mike,


                That is useful information.


                What about part b) of Justins question, can you report which circuits/wires pass through a particular section of a harness?

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                  Hello Mike,


                  I tried your suggestion, but when I go to Actions > Processing,  the only options I have are "Calculate Wire/Multicore Lengths" and "Selcet Wire Part Numbers".


                  Is there something I am missing that you know of?



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                    Hi Guys,


                    Justin - I can do this in VeSys 2009.1.  Alternatively try pressing Ctrl + Alt + B first, then try right clicking a bundle.  Please let me know what version of Vesys you are running (Help > About > what is the Release Number?)


                    Sledge_Hammer - I wasn't sure at the time.  But it would be useful to know - I'll take a closer look and let you know.




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                      Hi Justin,


                      You need VeSys 2.0 v2009.0 with SP0909 or the current version of VeSys 2.0 v2009.1 (released December 2009), to see the "Calculate Bundle Size" action.


                      For your second issue, reviewing the contents of each bundle, I am checking if this could be done with a custom report (in the interim),


                      Kind Regards,