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Power Plane and Ground plane copper pour problem: positvie copper pour on negative CAM layer?

Question asked by wgao on Feb 4, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2010 by Andy.Schreiber

I am new to PADS, and got a message from CAM documents generation which is confusing to me. It will be greatly appreciated if anyone can help me out?


1) Do we need to do copper pour on Power Plane and Ground plane?


2) If so, what is the right procesure, what should the Gerber file preview looks like? I used ground to flood the ground layer, and power net to flood the power layer. After I did copper pour on the Power Plane and Ground plane, there was a message:

positive copper pour found on negative CAM layer<POWER PLANE>
Instead, use Routing CAM document for positive copper pour. Continure on negative CAM layer?


What does this mean? when I preview the CAM layer, I can see the copper layer which looks normal if it is a positive layer like the top or bottom layers, but as it says, the CAM layer is negative, then I should not see any copper. Does that mean I do not have to do copper pour on the ground and power layer?

Or something else is wrong such as overlapped copper pour outline(which I checked no, but did see a additional copper hatch outline in the ground layer)? This message appear on both power and ground plane CAM docs.


I am uisng PADS9.0.1. 


Thanks a lot!