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Nelist tool functionality changed between ePD2005 and EE2007.

Question asked by avjohn on Feb 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2010 by avjohn

One of the requirements in our efforts to migration to EE2007 DxDesigner is that we need to be able to create a Zuken CR-5000 netlist.  Since Mentor has chosen not to directly output a CR-5000 netlist with DxDesigner we have another method we've been using.  In ePD2005.1 we output a RINF netlist with all the related files that the netlist tool produces and Zuken had a program that would convert the files into the nelist files required by CR-5000.  One of these related files was the "PXR" file which is apparently used for cross probing.  Mentor, in their infinite wisdom, decided that in EE2007, there was no requirement to ouput the "PXR" file and so it's not possible to get that file from PCBfwd.


Did anyone at Mentor check to see if the PXR file was needed by their customers?


Why would Mentor take away functionality that is needed?


Why doesn't the PCBfwd netlist tool provide the same outputs in EE2007 as it did in ePD2005?


Since we use Zuken as our PCB layout tool we will not be able to migrate to EE2007 without this issue being fixed.