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Discussion created by bparise on Feb 7, 2010
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Does anyone know how, or if, I can use container controls in the IDE.

A frame is a container control, or at least I thought it was. But when I pace one, and put a text box in it, by clicking text box in the toolbox and then clicking in the frame object already there, not by dragging one from the form in to the frame, and then place a button on the form itself and set the button click event to simply say frame.visible = false: the frame is invisible, but the text box in it is not!!

I added an active X tabbed dialog control I have used in vb6 to the form, it added fine but still does not behave as a container.

I need a way of making some controls visibla and some not at run time, I have a complex UI and need to be able to use something like a tabbed dialog or an outlook bar type approach to change the contents of the client area when the user selects different functions.

It doesn't lend itself to using different menus though, the controls I need to see/hide at any time are all part of the same functional script so I need it to be on the same form, just use a container on top of another container to select which ones I see at any time.


I have looked in to it and discovered something called ISimpleFrameSite, it is mentioned in the docs for one of the activeX tabbed dialog controls I tried.

I do not know if it is part of or a capability of VBScript or not, or what I can do to make container controls act as containers.


I have used a VB2008 Express program to access the currently opened database in Expedition and that worked, and i used a tabbed dialog that is part of VB2008 Express just fine. But that is an 'out of process' method and accessing the document and the objects wihin it is foreign to me in that type of situation, it is easy in VBScript with the IDE. I like the VB Express approach so if I can figure out how to access the actual document in Expedition and the objects within it, I might go that way in the end.


I would appreciate any help with container controls in VBScript though.