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    Running Calibre under MATLAB




      When i run the calibre from the comand line , it works properly and run  DRC LVS without any license problem.

      But when i try to run the same command under matlab , it gives me Calibre Interactive license error like below


      " License request for Calinteractive feature failed "

      Error : Acquiring CALINTERACTIVE


      Can anyone help me with this?

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          Is there a way for you to check your environment for differences between the command line and the MATLAB environment? For instance, if you use "printenv" from the command line and see a license related variable, and then do something similar within the MATLAB environment to see if the same variable is available, or if it has the same value?

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            i checked both  environment files and saw that matlab environment files doestn contain any line regarding Calibre interactive license.

            How can i show the path of the license? i never modified it before.

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              We need someone else with licensing experience to join in this discussion, I'm not very experienced. Here are a few ideas... If your regular shell is a C shell for instance, and you have something in your .cshrc file that sets a variable such as LM_LICENSE_FILE, then maybe your MATLAB is starting under a different kind of shell that doesn't set the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable. Maybe it will be as easy as adding that one variable to the MATLAB environment setup file. If nobody can answer this quickly here in the communities you might get a quick answer by opening a Service Request with Mentor.