PDF printing automation with Expedition PCB

Discussion created by patrick.escher on Mar 15, 2010
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Hi all,


at the moment we are trying to automate out PDF creation with Expedition PCB.

We cannot use the PDFOutput Engine (like in the great AATK) as we cannot consider a Fablink XE licenses (and therefore no extended print license is available).

The plan at the moment is to directly go through the UI automation.

This means, run the gui.processCommand(File-->Print) to get the print dialog up.

Then find the print dialog itself by using the FindDialog(Title) method (here we have the first issues, as we need to consider localization, whihc might really become a mess).

So once we have the dialog, we are trying to change the selected Printer. But this seems not to be possible. we can get the text from the dropdown, but we cannot change it. we also do not see a method in the API which allows us to directly access the dropdown list to change the printer.


So, assuming that no change in the selected printer is necessary, we can directly print to the used PDF writer.


Has anybody ever had success to automate the printing in a similar way by just using the UI Automation or through some other (non PDFOutput Engine) methods?

Can anybody give us a hint in how to select/change the printer form the dropdown?



THanks for help