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Why does DxDesigner Ver. 9.x refresh the schematic window so often ?

Question asked by SB on Apr 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by tmiddleton



we are DxDesigner and PADS users for many years. During evaluation of the new 9.x releases

we discovered a visual weakness: The schematic window refreshes as a whole for almost every

small activity, like clicking anywhere inside the window, selecting a part or wire, starting to move

something, finishing the movement. During the movement of the the detail window with the scroll

bars the window content is almost not visible because of the flickering.


This is quite bothersome.


This behavior is not present if one selects a part with the navigator window.

And this behavior is also not present in the 2007 and older versions.


Do you have the same behavior with your installations ?

Are there workarounds possible ?


Thank you for your feedback,