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    Using Fablink mask gererator


      We would like to use the generator to produce our solder resist masks. This seems to us what the tool is for. Unfortunately we then hit a snag; if the design has been tear dropped the tear dropping appears on the generated mask, which is not good. I logged the issue.

      Question. How do i avoild getting the teardrop info included when using the mask generator to produce the solder resist mask?

      Reply. There is a defect report logged against this issue but it has been closed as 'will not fix'. I will reopen the defect and link your call to that defect. There does not appear to be a workaround to the problem

      My Reply. How are we supposed to use the mask generator? With this defect the tool is useless!





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          it seems that you will not get a solution soon, due to the fact that your teardrops are seen as pads from the mask engine, cousing the issue.


          A workaround could be:

          • delete the teradrops
          • run the mask engine
          • create the dynamic teardrops again




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            We are aware that this is an option, but in our design flow we verify all copper data before going to mask generation. If we produced the mask (which for a large design is a time consuming process) at an earlier stage any corrective action would require a re-run of the mask generator. It seems that an inability to exclude the teardropping within the mask generator setup is an oversight must require fixing.