Do you think Automation is ready to replace HKP files?

Discussion created by Andreas.Schaefer on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by lary.e

Hi all,


as EE7.9 has disabled the capabillities to encrypt ascii HKP files with dataconvert.exe, all of us are forced to do their libary utilities within automation.

As I know, many still have ascii based workarounds. All of those processes will be gone with the EE7.9 .

We have started to do them by automation, but did not have enough resources to finish all of it.

Also, the work done by an librarian inside a hkp file within minutes now has to be done by a software programmer within hours.

Afterwards, the librarian has to review the programmers work.

This is no benefit, it's  a increase in workload.


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