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    DxDesigner Open on project  - Expedition will not open on that design.


      Expedition PCB - Pinnacle Version: 2009.0.369.456

      Invalid database location specified


      is the message I get in the Logfile folder under the "PCB folder within the database. The issue is my EE has the project open (DxDesigner) and I want (need) to invoke Expedition but can't on the same project. The message above is what I get. Once he closes the project I can then open the PCB file. This should never be an issue!


      Now, I had submitted and SR on this and received some white papers and app notes on how to utilize the RSCM for concurrent design since we are using the iCDB structure versus the original CDB structure.


      Why do we need to go to all this trouble to define the RSCM and user/permission structures just to open Expedition on the design where the EE has DxD open as well?

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          If both the front-end user and back-end user are accessing the database then you are working concurrently and need to define an RSCM server to manage this. This is assuming the data is on a share somewhere. If you are working on a single machine where for instance you are doing both front-end and back-end work then you do not need the RSCM installed. There are two processes (services) that are key in the iCDB flow, the iCDBNetServer process that handles transactions to the database from clients and the iCDBNetLauncher (aka RSCM) that manages iCDBNetServer processes. In the case of a single user/single machine the iCDBNetServer process starts as soon as you opens an application that needs access to the iCDB database (project). If another application on that machine needs access (lets say DxD opened first followed by Expedition) then Expedition 'joins' the already running iCDBNetServer process, but it is still considered single user mode (same machine, same user).

          In the case of shared access, whether on a server or even your local host the iCDBNetServer needs to run in 'shared' mode to allow two users to access the tools. The RSCM Server provides this capability. It runs the iCDBNetLauncher process that listens for project start-up and starts an iCDBNetServer process for each project that is opened. These are opened in 'shared' mode so another user who opens the same project joins the iCDBNetServer process for that project and has concurrent access to the project data.

          This is the issue you appear to be running into.

          Hope this helps.


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            I am working with Dxdesigner on one laptop in standalone and no remote server. When I launch DxDesigner and here are the steps below:

            File -> New -> Project  : this opens the project templates

            I select project templates -> nelist -> Pads template

            I wrote top_proj in the Name case and in the location case I wrote D:\workspace\top_proj.

            I don't select Use Remote Server Configuration Manager

            I select Layout Tool PADS9.0"

            I click on OK and iCDBNetServer.exe tries to access remote server (default gateway) and I got the message "Unable to open iCDB connection"


            Dxdesigner is installed on the C drive and the project is on the D drive. Can this cause the error message "Unable to open iCDB connection" or is it something else?


            Thanks in advance for the help

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              In this scenario there should be no problems, I would first check your permissions on D: as the iCDBNetServer process should be running locally. If there is nothing obvious you should contact customer support to help resolve this quickly.