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DxDesigner Open on project  - Expedition will not open on that design.

Question asked by SHWTIME7 on Jul 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2010 by robert_davies

Expedition PCB - Pinnacle Version: 2009.0.369.456

Invalid database location specified


is the message I get in the Logfile folder under the "PCB folder within the database. The issue is my EE has the project open (DxDesigner) and I want (need) to invoke Expedition but can't on the same project. The message above is what I get. Once he closes the project I can then open the PCB file. This should never be an issue!


Now, I had submitted and SR on this and received some white papers and app notes on how to utilize the RSCM for concurrent design since we are using the iCDB structure versus the original CDB structure.


Why do we need to go to all this trouble to define the RSCM and user/permission structures just to open Expedition on the design where the EE has DxD open as well?