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    Vesys Symbol (Vesys 2)



      When I create a new symbol and try to bring in from the 'Quick start-electrical/Grounds' folder an existing ground symbol for use in my new symbol it will not appear on the drawing sheet.

      Neither double clicking LMB nor using the 'create block' icon works.

      I can bring in any other symbol from 'Quick start-electrical' folders but not from the 'Grounds' folder.

      Is there a reason for this?

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          Hi Ian,


          You are not doing anything wrong. VeSys 2.0 sees ground symbols as different from normal electrical symbols (this is used by Analysis for example to automatically create a ground/chasis point without a model needing to be specifically associated) and you cannot mix different types in the same composite. You can identify the symbol type from the icon in the browser.


          The simplest solution would be to create a new symbol of device type and "copy and paste" the content of the ground symbol into it.


          Does this answer your question?

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