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    Expeditionpcb CCZ output can't properly deal with Obstructs's layer attributes


      CCZ output writes records for obstructs on the same layers which obstructs belong to. This make visECAD and CAMCAD treats those obstructs wrongly. Suppose a ropute/via obstruct be added in Expeditinpcb and assigned to Layer 1. CCZ file will have the records as following:


      <PolyStruct entityNum="34" layer="2" graphicClass="9">
                <Poly widthIndex="1" closed="1">
                  <Pnt x="30.08" y="59.52"/>
                  <Pnt x="30.08" y="53.759998"/>
                  <Pnt x="30.719999" y="53.759998"/>
                  <Pnt x="30.719999" y="57.599998"/>
                  <Pnt x="32.639999" y="57.599998"/>
                  <Pnt x="32.639999" y="54.400002"/>
                  <Pnt x="35.84" y="54.400002"/>
                  <Pnt x="35.84" y="60.799999"/>
                  <Pnt x="33.279999" y="60.799999"/>
                  <Pnt x="33.279999" y="58.880001"/>
                  <Pnt x="31.360001" y="58.880001"/>
                  <Pnt x="31.360001" y="59.52"/>
                  <Pnt x="30.08" y="59.52"/>


      However, becasue Layer 2 in CC map to layer_1 in Expeditionpcb, so you will see this obstructs when you only display layer_1 in visECAD