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    how to check if a specific layer was used/created when LVS was running


      Hi there,


      I need a kind of flag in SVDB database, to check if a specific rules file was used or not.
      How can I do this?
      My 1st idea was to create a dummy layer and to interrogate the calibre query server with "GDS MAP" if such layer exists.
      Unfortunately looks like the solution is not working, seems "GDS MAP" query returns only the layers that have connectivity.


      In a few words what I want to do:
      I want to add some LVS rules which will create dummy(parasitics) devices based on some shapes overlap.


      Latter on I want to interrogate the SVDB (using calibre query server) and based on the connectivity of those parasitics to highlight or not something in RVE.
      This part is done from a TclTk script, and it can be run few hours later after the LVS .
      The idea is that my rules file(which creates dummy devices) is not mandatory included into our "standard" LVS rules.
      It can be included or not by the user.


      If I will not find any "parasitic device" when I interrogate the SVDB that means:
            1 - the chip is clean, the check stops here.
      OR 2 - my rules file was not included .
      How can I make the difference ?




      PS: My 1st post here, and I'm a beginner with calibre - just started to learn it few time ago.

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          Hi Marcel-


          Although I can't give you one correct way to do this, perhaps some of these ideas may work:


          • You can use the transcript to see if the optional include file ran. Two ways to do this are the SVRF Message command and the environment variable CALIBRE_ECHO_RULE_FILE (set it to 1 before running the job). These only affect the transcript, however.
          • If it is not in use elsewhere, you could add the Title statement to your optional include. This means that when the optional include runs, the specified title appears in the RDB and also the reports. Only one Title per total rule file, though, so this may not work.
          • If you are running ERC as part of LVS, you could put comments in the results database using ERC Check Text COMMENTS. For DRC, the equivalent is DRC Check Text.
          • If you need to be stone-cold, dead-simple sure, the optional rule file could set up its own RDB with DRC Check Map. For details, see "Multiple Output Databases" in the DRC Results Database section of the SVRF Reference Manual.  If the uniquely named database is there, the options ran. The downside is you may need to switch between databases for what you want to do (or you may take a memory hit if you copy everything into the unique one).


          I talked to someone more expert in LVS than I am, and he suggested the best way was your dummy devices idea. Those will appear in the extracted netlist and you won't even need to go into the RDB. (Although if this is a Query Server script, perhaps RDB is preferred over netlists.)


          Hope some of that helped-