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    Allegro -> DxDesigner pinswap (back annotation)


      Due to corporate policy, we use DxDesigner for schematic entry, and Allegro for PCB design.



      Design of a PCB incorporating a large CPLD (200+ pins).


      Problem Statement

      While routing the PCB with Allegro, we need to swap pins to achieve optimal routing.

      How do we back annotate pins swapped in Allegro (PCB) to DxDesigner (Schematic) ?


      thanks very much

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          We have many customers using DxDesigner to Allegro using several different options in the software.  For example, this is supported if the design is created in a netlist flow or in the independent software release.  It is not supported if designed as an Expedition flow with CES rules.


          Please contact technical support at http://supportnet.mentor.com/  and open a support case for tracking.  If you are not satisfied with the results, please contact me again.



          Gary Lameris

          Technical Marketing Engineer