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Verify Photo Settings, how to not include the entire path?

Question asked by bwatson on Aug 27, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2010 by george_defond

In a prior version of PADS, I setup our default CAM settings for 2-layer, 4-layer, and 6-layer boards.  For the verify Photo file selection, it shows "Verify Photo: Layer1.pho". 


Now, I am trying to setup a new default for 8-layer boards. When I try to create a new Verify Photo for the additional layers, it brings up a window for me to select the file.  Now however (in these new verify windows), it shows:  "Verify Photo: C:\Pads Pojects\Cam..."


Does anybody know how I can go back to the old way?  The entire path method is useless for creating a template that we can all use because every project has the files in a different location.