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    Vesys 2 Components



      In Components is there a way to add Manufacturers part numbers ?

      I can see tabs for 'Internal', 'Customer' and 'supplier' only.




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          Hi Ian,


          The supplier number is effectively the manufacturers number.



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            As a bit of extra detail:


            Internal Number = your companies part number

            Customer Number = the part used by your customer

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              Hi Joel.


              Hope your well.


              The problem is; for our developement/prototype work we do for convinience purchase components from RS or Farnell for example.

              These part numbers are very different from the manufacturers part numbers, and often do not have any coloration in their numbering.


              Ie: If I was after a 2w Amp Superseal receptacle connector - part number 282080-1 (RS 314-1198), and I had in the database the mating tab hsg 282104-1 (RS 314-1255), the database may contain 314-1198 because this is the purchasing number but I would need to search for 282080-1 because this is the 'true' part number. Now if I am right I can not search on description to find Amp 2w superseal, and 314-1198 and 314-1255 are random numbers to each other.


              Am I missing something here, or with a large database will it therefore be possible to 'loose' a part due to this and end up duplicating parts.




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                Hi Ian,


                It is typical that multiple "supplier" part numbers will be assigned to a part (internal p/n).  i.e. one for the manufacturer's p/n, and others for alternative distributor p/n's.  One of these p/n's will be designated as the "Preferred" supplier which of course can be changed later.  A search for a particular supplier p/n in the "Supplier" tab will "hit" regardless of preferred status.


                I hope this helps.

                -James W

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                  Hi James,


                  I see; if I add the Manufacturer in as a 'Supplier' .

                  Then add the manufacturer and manufacturer part number as if it was another supplier and supplier part number - the database will then find the part whichever number I enter.


                  Would have been nice to have been able to correctly label it as being a manufacturer part number, but at least it works.


                  Thank you for help :-)