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Migration of PADS Logic -- I think the Migration tool do not support this user setting.

Question asked by andy_perlowski on Oct 25, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2010 by jduquette

Hi Community,

The text bellow is a question from one of our users.

Please provde him with answers.


"Hi Andy,

my name is Andreas Niemzik.

Since the beginning of this Year I`m working for Sotelca, the PADS reseller in Switzerland.

I`m not sure if I`m on the right way with my question to you.

But I try it.:-)

On our user meeting in Bad Bubendorf, I think we meet us last Year there, we have presented the PADS Settings Migration tool.


Now our customers will start to work with this tool and they have found the first limitations.

In PADS Logic you can define your own Pin Symbols. Saved in the library and in the PadsLogic.INI file.

I think the Migration tool do not support this user setting.

The same with the Logic Family function for the default RefDes for a component.

This is also saved in the PadsLogic.INI file and not supported by the Migration tool.


Will this settings supported in the next update?

I know this is just a detail but our customer has found it.

Thank you for your time and answer

Best regards

Andreas Niemzik"