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Partlister command line arguments

Question asked by dsmith1 on Nov 30, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2010 by dsmith1

I'm trying to configure DxDesigner 2007.9 IND to work as efficiently in our engineering environment as the older 2005.1 did.


Using 2005.1, we typically generate multiple partslists in different formats to support several downstream processes.  Using 2005.1 it was easy to create a custom Partslister .ini file, and then set-up a custom menu pick on the Tools drop-down menu, and specify a unique output file name.  Since we need to re-write pretty much every custom interface that we've developed, we are trying to simplify this and use only 2 distinct Partslister formats.  But hunting thru the DxDesigner 2007.9 IND help files & SupportNet & the Yahoo group, I can find no guidance on how to do this.


Ideally I just want to have 2 menu picks that run Partslister on the current schematic opened using one of two pre-defined .configuration (.ipl) files and produce two different output files.

I'm trying to eliminate the risk of human error by being able to predefine the Partslister options specified, config file used and the output file name created - with no user input required.

I should be able to specify all of this stuff on a command line, using the dialog boxes and/or more preferable using a batch file.

So any guidance on Partslister command line arguments would be really helpful.