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    How to extract Pad names and locations.



      I have a cell A which has pad names placed on the top level. A is then instantiated in cell B at some location with a non unity magnification factor.


      I need to extract the pad texts and their co-ordinates as they appear in Cell B.


      Is there a easy way to extract this information by running a calibre dr/lvs job.



      Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.



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          TEXT DEPTH ALL is an SVRF rulefile statement that will cause the text in lower level cells to be copied up to the top level and then used as top level connectivity text. If you can run a DRC or LVS type of job with that text also listed in a TEXT LAYER statement then the text (with top level corodinates) should be listed as connectivity text in the transcript. I'll be interested to know if that helps.


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            Thanks for your response Chris,

            I was aslo able to get the port texts using the PORT DEPTH command and running a calibre netlist extraction job. I then scanned for the "WARNING: Unattached port.****" in the stdout log to get the data i was looking for.


            My rule spec file was just 2 lines (other than the LAYOUT PATH/SYSTEM etc. specifications)


            PORT LAYER TEXT 55
            PORT DEPTH 1