RVE Check Text Override File

Discussion created by vigen_boyajyan on Dec 13, 2010

The Calibre DRC RVE Check Text Override File allows the user to specify Calibre DRC RVE rule check

comments for a Calibre DRC results database and load the settings into a Calibre DRC RVE session. Calibre

DRC RVE rule check comments allow you to specify highlight colors, display layers, document links, etc.


To know which layers to specify as display layers for a given check, however, one must first know the

derivation tree info from the rule file to insert into the “RVE Show Layers” field in the Check Override File.

Calibre YieldServer can be used to automate this layer derivation (see AppNote). 


AppNote with details can be found at:



The feature discussed in this App Note provides an automated solution for several manual debugging steps.

The user can:

1) Specify the list of layers from a rule derivation tree that belong to the particular check and are

important for visualization during debug.

2) Apply the color for the layers, instead of manually modifying from within the layout editor.

3) Link to a rule description or picture to enable quick rule understanding during debug.