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    Drill Chart


      This is strange.  When I generate the drill drawing I can see the symbols (in preview) on the board.  I have a hole chart but no symbols.  If I manually add a drill, then select regenerate, it will disappear.  I have never seen this before.  I have done all the tricks to no avail.  Anyone have a clue?



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          Nope. Never seen that.


          Is it just one board?


          I tried various ways of making the table not have symbols, couldn't make it do that.


          Sounds like you've done all the regular stuff (modeless I, ASCII dance, etc)?


          I can look at your board and see if it does it in my software if you'd ike. If you won't get in trouble of course....



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            Thanks John.  I figured it out.  The default CAM file I imported didn't have the primary layer selected.  Friday was a little crazy.  Missing that setting just confirmed it.


            Thanks again,