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    Board Outline


      OK is it possible to modify a board outline or delete a board outline?

      Or when trying to make a design template to start from never have a board outline in it?



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          You can modify the board outline by RMB "Select Board Outline".  Then you can use the graphics tools to make the modifications.


          You can delete the board outline by RMB "Select Board Outline".  Then you select the board outline (it's easiest to draw a rectangle that intersects part of it) and then use Backspace key, Delete key, Ctrl-X, etc.


          It is not necessary to have a board outline as part of your startup file or design template.

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            Oh Boy, I wasn't paying attention, thanks very much, totally forgot about the select list,  picked "Select Anything" figured it would do it and just forgot to look down a little further on the list.

            Tough Day! Thanks

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              You can also import board outlines from a DXF file.  Check support net for how to do this; if you can't find it I can dig up the notes.


              John D