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calibredrv - would like to output paths in a particular bounding box

Question asked by gford on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2011 by samantha_lizak

I have a large chip loaded into Calibre DESIGNrev.

I would like to output a gds file that contains all the paths (no instances) on the top level only  that are within a certain bounding box (or what I am viewing).


It doesn't have to be scripted, manual interaction is preferable.

Any tips or pointing in right direction is appreciated. Thanks



What I am thinking so far is:

1. Use Layer~>Boolean

     Select options:

          X current cell

               X follow view depth

          X selection rectangle

               X Clip


2. Then select area I want.

3. Create a new cell to hold new layers.

4. Then OR metal metal to new layer.

5. Place new layer to new cell.

5. change new layer to real layer

6. repeat for each concerned metal layer

7. output new cell to gds