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    Mandatory Parts in VeSys Classic


      Hi, I have imported a dsi file into VeSys Harness Classic, but the mandatory parts for the connectors only appear if you remove the part number, and re-add it.


      Is there a way to do these automatically, or a refresh of all the parts?





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          Running VeSys Harness Version 2008.2 SP0908.5

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            I did some more investigation and have found out that the Harness XC component database is at a different version that the VeSys Classic database so the parts will never appear because they dont exist in the Harness XC database!!

            For reference, there is a section in the DSI file that lists these additional components:

            ! Harness extra node components


            There should still be an option in VeSys to refresh all of the connectors to include the mandatory parts that may have been added in a newer version of a database so I will raise an IDEA for this.