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DxDesigner (PADS 9.2): Navigating through the nets

Question asked by SB on Jan 12, 2011
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I have several questions regarding the navigation through nets and busses. This action is very important in everyday work during the schematic capture.

I always use the flatten view of the Navigator because I need a overall view on all components and nets in my design.

The questions have probably also a lot to do how DxDesigner interprets nets:


  1. In a hierarchical design a net which is used in several blocks is listed in the Navigator Window several times:
    Once as a "hierarchical" net with the plus sign; by clicking on the plus sign the nets of the underlying scheets are listet.
    By clicking on the net the net is highlighted on the Schematic Window. That's fine.
    But the same net is additionally listet as the underlying net for every subscheet:
    This highly increases the length of the list and makes the work difficult.
    Is it possible to switch this off ?
  2. On the other hand busses are not listet in a hierarchical way, only the single nets of a bus:
    The bus is listed for every segment, i.e. also several times for every subscheet. This is not desired and not useful.
    For the top scheet there is a hierarchical view for the single nets, but also twice or more, depending on the count of bus segments.
    A real hierarchical view would be very helpful: Is it possible to get such a view ?
  3. For global nets a hierarchical view is not present, too. Such a net is listed for every used scheet, e.g. 9 times or more.
    Is a hierarchical view possible ?
  4. For a flat design consisting of more then 1 scheet a net which is present on several scheets is only highlighted on the first scheet.
    Also by changing to the next scheet the net is not highlighted there.
    How can I highlight such a net on the other scheets ?
  5. By selecting a net within the Schematic Capture window and using the pulldown menu item "Select Net" only a net
    segment is highligted, not the whole net on this scheet. For what this action is useful ?
    I would think that at least the whole net on this scheet should be highlighted.
    Good is that this net is in parallel highlighted within the Navigator so I can click on this net to highlight it within the Schematic window:
    But if this net is also present on scheet 1, the Schematic window switches to the other scheet (see question 4) ...


All these things make the everyday work harder then it should be. But maybe the questions can be answered and solved easily.


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