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      I would like to find a solution to check the electromigration of  same pcb and add the contraintes in the CES.

      do you know the good tools to do this ?

      same peoples have some experience about this ?


      ( focus to check the power nets with current)


      Thanks for your help.

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          Mentor bought Zeland Software which had a 3D field solver and they are incorporating it into the HyperLynx SI and PI products.  Whether CES rules will automatically be generated, I don't know.  You will have to talk to your Mentor sales person.


          CST EM Studio, Ansoft Designer and there are others but they will not generate CES rules for you.


          If you are worried about the fields radiating off your power and power-return planes make sure that they are routed like they were a differential pair.  You want them both radiating the same power at the same time at the same place but in opposite directions so that their fields will null each other.  You can't do away with the fields; you can only null them.  This means symmetry is your friend.  Both in layout topology and filtering.  Most power supplies are just as happy to put noise on your return line as the power line so filter them both.


          Have fun